Transforming the automotive, commercial, and chemical industries with best in-class brands, as well as innovative and sustainable solutions, to keep the world moving forward.

    About Us:


    Community-focused yet globally positioned, Old World Industries is transforming the automotive, commercial, and chemical industries with best-in-class solutions that keep the world moving forward.


    To outperform our competitors by providing value through our outstanding service, creating environmentally friendly solutions, revolutionizing our products, and taking great care of our employees, customers, and suppliers.


    Old World Industries was founded on the unique qualities of our company’s two founders – a partnership of Eastern and Western cultures. Diverse thoughts, perspectives, and ideas are what has propelled OWI forward to bring innovative products for our industry.

    Along with the commitment to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our communities, we continue to strive every day to build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion where everyone feels valued for their voice.


    It’s our promise to continue looking for sustainable resources, processes and innovative solutions that will lead to a better environment for future generations.


    The OWI CARES program allows our employees to give back to our local community and support charitable causes like food drives, cancer walks, blood drives and more.
    Click below to see more information about the latest OWI CARES events.


    Old World Industries is never complacent. Through out-of-the-box thinking, we strategically employ data to drive action towards root causes and new opportunities. We’re constantly looking forward and moving ahead.


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